The new year means it’s time for a fresh start. If you’re thinking of renovating your home, now is the perfect time. We’ve seen plenty of renovations Gold Coast wide and that means we’ve noticed some design tricks and trends along the way. Here are our favourites that we’ll be taking into the next decade and you can expect to see popping up in the new year.

Two tones 

As colour continues to creep its way back into interior trends we urge you to play around with pairs. Two tone interiors are back in a big way. The all white or monochromatic looks have certainly had their time. While we still love and live by those minimalist designs, nailing a two tone kitchen is our New Year’s resolution. This design can also be used to your advantage. By utilising darker colours along your lower level cabinets and lighter tones for overhead cupboards you can give the illusion of greater space in your kitchen. This decade pick a new color scheme that complements the rest of your home and try two tone out for yourself.

Curves and arches

This decade we’ll see more softness than the hard industrial lines we’ve seen in the past. More curves and arches will be incorporated into home renovations. Harking back to European countryside villas these crisp white archways will open up your space. It’s the perfect balance of open plan living without compromising any structural elements. This trend can also be used all throughout the home. Think big rounded mirrors in the bathroom, or curved circular windows in bed or living rooms.


Another trend from the European coastlines we’ll see hitting our shores in a big way is Terrazzo. If you’re not familiar with the term, Terrazzo is a material (mainly used for bench tops and flooring) that is made up of marble, granite, and sometimes even glass chips, set in polished concrete. It’s a fresh faced alternative to the granite or marble benchtops we’ve all seen. It’ll lighten up the bathroom, kitchen, or floors while even adding a little pop of colour. If your home has a pretty neutral


Indoor plants are one trend we are never going to let go. It’s interior design with life. Plants will transform not only the look of your home but the feel too. Picking the right plants can purify your air and eliminate unwanted pests. Play around with feature pots, block coloured, patterns, and different shapes and sizes. Hanging plants also help fill up a room and look especially good in corners or off shelves. Go all out or go minimal, choose different foliage, shapes, and colours. This trend is versatile and won’t ever go out of style. From the bathroom to the kitchen to the living or bedrooms. Bring some greenery into your home this decade.

Velvet’s and texture 

You might be thinking of tacky 70’s crushed velvet, but we’re not. Velvet has made a huge, classy comeback. With a huge range of modern colours and tones the velvet feature couch will be the big ticket item of a perfectly designed interior in 2020 and onwards. Designers have had a serious rethink about the old classic. Paired with neutral earthy colours, sleek flooring, and minimalist decor, velvet is the perfect soft statement to try out this decade.