A deck adds so much more than just functionality to the outdoors of your home. The right deck gives you the space and freedom to entertain and relax, all while improving the look and value of your home. If you’ve invested in a deck you’re proud of you’ll want to make sure it lasts.

We’ve dealt with our fair share of decking and fencing Gold Coast wide so when it comes to maintaining them we know exactly what to look out for. A great deck obviously starts with a good build, so if you want a deck that is going to last, get in touch. Being a natural material timber is always going to deteriorate over time. This doesn’t mean that you can’t look after it and extend its life and luster with the right care.

Here’s a list of common things that may damage your deck and how to combat them:

  • Bleach and other chemicals are a common household cleaning choice when it comes to removing especially stubborn stains. While it’ll work wonders on your kitchens and bathrooms, in the case of decks these common chemicals may be far too harsh. Avoid using your household chemicals on your deck and your stains or varnishes should last longer. Seek out dedicated cleaning products made for timber and decking. Otherwise very light use of warm soapy water should always do the trick.
  • Pay attention to the material you choose to build your timber deck. The options are almost endless when it comes to choosing the right type of timber for you. Each one has its own properties and thus its own maintenance. Ask your builder or do some research on how best to treat your timber deck. Look for certain products for certain woods and make sure you aren’t using anything harsh on your less durable, lighter, timbers.
  • The presence of excess moisture on the surface of your deck will speed up deterioration and affect long term usability. Timber is susceptible to mold if left excessively moist for too long. If you live in areas of heavy rain, or even snow, invest in a cover for your decking. Anything that will shelter your timber from excess water will help it maintain its quality for longer. This is also why it’s important to regularly maintain your varnish or stain to ensure your timber stays protected.
  • Decks will naturally encounter a lot of wear and tear. From kids, to furniture, to pets, your deck is always likely to get a little scratched up here and there. While this goes hand in hand with the natural properties of the materials, when cleaning your deck you can reduce any further, unnecessary wear and tear. Avoid any harsh tools when cleaning your deck. Sweep excess dirt and grime away with light bristled brooms to avoid scratching and dragging particles across the wood. Avoid over using pressure washes too as they can strip the finish on your timber. Soft sponges that are well wringed out will work well on your deck to avoid scratches and excess moisture damage all at once.