Renovating your home can be a big job. Planning is crucial and having a realistic budget is key. If you’re ready to renovate your home, Envision Build  are the experts when it comes to home renovations on the Gold Coast. If you’re not ready to tackle the full task, here are some easy, budget friendly tips you can do to your home to make it feel like you’ve just renovated.


We tend to forget just how far a fresh coat of paint goes. No matter how old your home is it’ll instantly feel brand new with a new coat on the walls. Pick colours that complement your space to get the most out of the paint job. If you get plenty of natural light play around with a dark dramatic feature wall. If your home is a little darker go for bright light crisp colours to open up your space.


Revamping your entrance way is a great way to update the look of your home. A fresh coat of paint on your front door, maybe experiment with a colour change, will make you feel like you’ve got a brand new door without breaking the bank. Add some plants to give your home an inviting feel.


In many homes the door handles and cupboard handles are a big indicator of age/era. If you want your home to feel more modern changing all your handles is the quickest way to do so. If you want a modern look go for sleek steel fittings, or look for more ornate handles if you want something a little more traditional looking. This is a job that’s easy to do yourself and not too expensive either.


Changing your light fittings is a great way to bring a new sense of style into your home. Many homes will have old fittings or temporary ones that are purely functional. There are plenty of super affordable, stylish options out there when it comes to light fittings. They’re also easy to buy and assemble yourself and allow you to choose the mood and design of every room in your home.


Most people will accept the space they’re given in their home. If you have a small space, theres plenty of ways to make it feel bigger and brighter. One of our favourites is using big feature mirrors to open up a space. Hanging a mirror on your wall, especially opposite windows, will instantly make your space feel bigger.

Indoor plants

Breather some new life into your home, literally, with some indoor plants. They’ll make your space feel fresh and lively, and look good too. Play with hanging ivy, or big ferns. You can also pick decorative pots that will compliment the style of your home.


If you’re bringing plants indoors be sure not to forget about the ones outside too. Getting a full garden makeover can be expensive and time consuming. If you’re looking for something a little more instant, spend a day in your garden. Trim your lawn, weed your garden beds, trim any trees or bushes you may have, and plant some more plants. Planting a few more plants will give your garden a fresh new feel and is affordable and easy.

If you’ve tried all the above and you still feel like your home is ready for a full renovation, book in a free consultation with Envision.