Bathrooms are one of the most important rooms in your home. Therefore, it is necessary to keep them updated and in good shape. A timeless bathroom consists of considered, classic colors, clean fixtures, and cohesive, functional design. To avoid having a bathroom that will date because of bold colours that have grown out of trend or tile patterns that have not aged well, we have some easy tips to freshen up your bathroom design. 


Before you call in our team of professionals for bathroom renovations Gold Coast wide, here are our easy DIY tips you can try out yourself:


Paint Your Tiles:

An affordable way to make your bathroom feel totally brand new without breaking the bank, or walls, is tile paint. If you are going to paint over your old tiles make sure you use the correct materials. Make sure your paint is specifically for tiles. This means it will be long lasting and durable. Cover up daggy old out of date tiles or mismatched colours with a fresh coat of tile paint.



Redoing your floor tiles is another job you can tackle on your own. The tiles on your bathroom floor however, are a little different to the walls. They’re less about decoration, more about functionality. They are also more likely to get dirty, scuffed, and damaged. For this reason pick a darker coloured tile for your flooring. Make sure your tiles are non-slip too.



A mirror is usually the centerpoint of your bathroom. It’s functional but also brings light into the room, makes it feel bigger, and can add to the design style of the room too. Switching out your old mirror for a new one will completely change the look and feel of your bathroom. Try out a new shape, like round, for a different effect. You can also find mirrors with different frames and trimmings to bring in different design elements depending on your desired outcome.


Finishing Touches:

A super easy way to upgrade tired old bathrooms is to replace all finishes. From taps to toilet roll holders and cupboard handles, this is inexpensive and easy to do. Try new shapes and new metals for a fresh new look. There is a huge variety of finishings to choose from. Find your style. Frome ornante to minimal, classic to modern, the possibilities are endless. You can even replace bigger finishings like your basin bowl.



Out with the old, in with the new. You might not even realise how much of an effect your bath linen has on the overall look and feel of your bathroom. A brand new set doesn’t have to be expensive to make your bathroom look more luxurious. A fresh set of towels and bath mats is a great way to bring in a brand new colour palette.


Liven It Up:

What better way to breathe a little life into your bathroom but by bringing actual living plants in. Plants thrive in the bathroom so it’s a win win situation. Decorate your bathroom with your choice of greenery. Enjoy purified air while the humidity in your bathroom helps your plants survive and thrive.