When renovating your kitchen there are many things you need to consider. It’s a space where you really need to carefully plan and design your ideas to foster functionality. This doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice design. These tips allow you to maximise the functionality of your kitchen while still perfecting those finishing touches. If you’re planning the kitchen of your dreams but don’t know where to start, book a free consultation with Envision Building Group for kitchen renovations Gold Coast.


You’ve probably spent plenty of time planning out your bench space. You want your bench space to be optimal in your kitchen to make life easier but don’t neglect the floor space. Walking around easily in your kitchen is crucial. When you’re carrying big hot and heavy pots and pans you need your space to flow easily. Make sure your kitchen walkways are open and logical. Don’t stick an island bench where it doesn’t belong. Keep the flow around bench spaces. Also make sure with dishwashers and ovens that you’ll still have enough space to move with the doors open. The same goes for your fridge, you don’t want to cut off a walkway with your fridge door.


Always keep height in mind when remodelling your kitchen. Make your life easier by having everything at a height that suits you. Beyond the bench tops, make your cupboards easy to reach. Having everything up too high or down too low is going to slow down the functionality of your kitchen.


While appliances are functional they’re also a great way to add design and decoration to your kitchen. When choosing your appliances go for ones that will complement your kitchen. Stainless steels will give you a modern look, while pops of colour can really brighten up your space.

Hidden spaces 

Considering hidden spaces and storage is a great way to maximise your kitchen renovation. Creating a shelf for your microwave, or a cupboard for your bins will give you more room to move. It also makes it easier to play around with the design of your space. Having things under benches and behind cupboards means you can maintain uniformity in your cupboards and fittings.