A bathroom is the perfect place for indoor plants. While bathrooms are predominantly functional and not always the most glamourous of places, there is no reason they can’t be. Elaborate designs and extra finishings can get in the way, but plants are the perfect bathroom cohabitant that are low maintenance, look good, and give back. If you’re looking to start with fresh foundations get in touch with Envision for bathroom renovations Gold Coast wide.
Aloe Vera

Pop an Aloe plant on your vanity or bathroom shelf for a bit of texture and colour. Like anything in the succulent family Aloe Vera is a low maintenance option that won’t require too much watering. They’re also naturally going to thrive in a humid environment so the more steamy showers the better!

Maidenhair Fern

These ferns are notorious for being hard to keep happy. Your bathroom however is the perfect environment to keep these delicate ferns happy and healthy for longer.

Spider Plant

Spider plants won’t just look good but they’ll make your bathroom feel good too. They take about 90% of formaldehyde out of the air, purifying it.


Orchids have a reputation for being fragile or hard to care for. They’re another plant perfect for that natural bathroom humidity. They’re also great for smaller spaces.


This one is a little different. Less of a regular fixture but placing a bunch of Eucalyptus leaves in your shower (hung off shower heads, curtain rods, or doors) will make any bathroom feel like a natural spa oasis. The steam from those hot showers will permeate the leaves and release natural oils that are great for your bathroom and body.

Snake Plant

Snake plants, probably more commonly known as mother in -law’s tongue, are tough as nails. You won’t have to worry about killing this one as they are possibly the most low maintenance on the market. Great for a bathroom with a little more space there look great standing on the floor.


The Zanzibar plant has bright deep green waxy leaves. It lives in low light too so it’s perfect for those bathrooms without the luxury of big bright windows.


This one is great for an in shower pop of colour. If you’ve got a built in shower shelf these plants look great to drape down against the tiles. They don’t look like traditional cactus’ but their leaves will retain all the water they need to survive and splashes here and there from the shower will do the rest.

Peace Lily

Peace Lilies are a lush looking plant that will tell you exactly when they need some extra TLC. They Are by far the most resilient house plant you can find. When hydrated their deep green leaves will stand bushy and tall. Don’t be alarmed if your Lily leaves are suddenly drooping right down, with one big drink they will bounce back within hours.


Is an easy growing option that will add an element of style too. It can even grow without soil so it won’t make a mess in your bathroom. It comes in a range of shapes and sizes so you can customise the fit to your space perfectly.