Customising your office or work space is a great way to make the time you spend there more enjoyable and productive. As many of us now find ourselves stationed at home and setting up new home office spaces, it’s important to know how you can make your new workspace work in your favour. Some people think it’s as simple as a desk and a chair however we know that there is so much more involved. All these elements have an effect on your mood, focus, and productivity while in the space whether you realise it or not. 

If you need to start from scratch and build a whole new space to work from home, call in our team of expert house renovations gold coast wide. If you’re taking the DIY approach and working with what you’ve already got, we’ve put together some helpful tips and thoughtful design to make sure your workspace reaches its full potential and peaks your productivity.


Before you start setting up, sort out what it is you need in your office in order of priority. This will help you in avoiding any unnecessary clutter. Try to stick to only the things you need to start off with. Things like a chair, desk, your computer or any other equipment you need to do your work. Knowing your prioritised essentials means you can keep them together in one place in your workspace. You can dedicate other spaces to design and inspiration etc. Grouping the things you will use most will keep your workflow easy and efficient.

Storage Solutions

Even if you don’t need filing cabinets and cupboards it is still important to give yourself some storage space in your office. This can be shelves, racks, or even just folders. When you can compartmentalise things and organise your space you will be able to get more work done and avoid feeling overwhelmed.


Having a space to work in with adequate lighting is important. You don’t want to be limited by the source of light in your space. If you have access to natural light make the most out of it as this is great for your mind and mood too! Otherwise opt for rooms with good lighting. If you aren’t about the fluro glow you can also add in warmer lamps to make the space feel more comfortable and inviting.

Make It Personal 

You should equip your workplace with a number of decorative items to make it feel a little more personal. Without over cluttering your space or blowing out the budget, add in things like photos, flowers, plants, or some artwork. Adding more personality to your space will make you comfortable spending time there and keep you feeling inspired.