Many people tend to neglect their outdoor living spaces during the colder seasons because of lower temperatures. However, with the right set up you can enjoy your outdoor living or entertainment areas all year round! One thing a lot of people don’t realise is that their summery shade bearing pergolas are actually just as useful in setting up your winter living space and serve as a perfect setting if you want to enjoy the outdoors during winter. The team at Envision can help you set up perfect pergolas Gold Coast wide that will serve your outdoors all year long.


Here’s why we love pergolas all year round:


  • Pergolas can be equipped with a variety of waterproof materials and coverings that will protect you from any winter rain. The roof is usually built at an angle to avoid any water build up. Channeling the water to run off easily into integrated gutters or onto your garden. This will keep your roof undamaged from excess moisture. It will also keep you and anyone underneath sheltered from the rain. 
  • Pergolas can also provide you additional shelter against other various weather elements. You can attach side shades or covers to your pergola to stop any wind from getting in. This means under your pergola will be safe, cosy and warm for you and your family or guests to enjoy. 
  • If you’re worried about your outdoor furniture settings or any appliances you may have outside during the colder months then a pergola is a perfect way to protect them. Store your outdoor furniture safely under your pergola and it will be protected and good as new by the time summer rolls back around.
  • You can equip your garden pergola with a variety of heating solutions too. From electric or gas heaters, lamps, fire pits and more. Create a warm winter oasis to enjoy the outdoors and stay warm. 
  • Lighting your pergola is another important way to make sure it’s set up for winter. While the sun may be setting earlier that doesn’t have to mean it’s time to head inside just yet. Create a cosy ambience with lanterns, drop lights, candles and more. This means you can enjoy your outdoor setting long after the sun goes down.
  • Accessorise! Grab some cushions, outdoor rugs, throws, and blankets. Make your outdoor setting just as comfy and warm as the indoors. This is also a great way to add to the design of your outdoor living space. Play with colours and patterns to enhance the style of your pergola area as well as the comfort.


If you are interested in making your outdoor space suitable for winters and make arrangements like setting up a pergola with necessary requirements according to your region  then consult Envision to get advice from experts with years of expertise in the trade.