While we specialise in building homes, it’s the finishing touches once you move in that really complete a property. When fitting out, designing, or renovating your home there are many choices to make. We’ve put together a few of our favourite ways to make your home as sustainable and environmentally friendly as possible. By keeping these tips and tricks up your sleeve while making those decisions, your home will not only look good, but feel good too. Talk to envision, the leading Gold Coast builders when it comes to quality and affordability, about building or renovating your home into an eco friendly habitat. We source materials locally where possible and believe in utilising all materials to their full potential as best we can.


Make sure your home is sustainable from the inside out by sourcing local, eco friendly materials. Reclaimed or recycled timbers can be used to add to the design of your home, as well as limit waste. Vintage, recycled, or repurposed tiles and glass can also create unique design features through bathrooms and kitchens. Sourcing locally where possible will lower transportation costs and environmental effects as well as supporting local businesses.

Local Landscaping

When it comes to picking plants to surround your home choose the ones that don’t just look good, but also contribute to the local ecosystem around your home. Local or native plants will keep ecosystems balanced, bring native wildlife into your yard, and best of all, be perfectly suited to the climate thus easy to maintain. Sourcing drought tolerant plants also means you can save on water wastage in the hotter months.


Insulating your house correctly is the key to cutting your energy costs. In the thick of winter or summer those bills can easily rack up fast and running your heating or cooling appliances for extended periods of time is not great for the environment in the long run. Insulate floors, walls, and ceilings to stay cool in summer and block out the cold in winter.


A little bit of extra consideration when installing windows in your home can go a long way. Apart from the obvious benefit of sound reduction, double glazed windows are great for blocking out heat (or keeping it in through the colder months).


By now we are all a lot more conscious when it comes to water usage and more importantly wastage. Installing a water tank in your home is a great place to start. Recycled rainwater can be used to water gardens or flush toilets. This is great for the environment and again, your wallet.

Building or renovating your home with eco friendly practices in mind means that it will have a long life and minimum impact on the environment. This means lower bills, natural materials, and a guilt free conscience in your home. Talk to envision about building the house of your dreams into a green, eco friendly home.